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There's an important saddle measurement besides the seat size that every rider should know.
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We're all passionate about fitting saddles to horses. But what about you, the rider? You deserve a saddle that fits your body, too.

​The Saddle Savvy Rider is ​here to close that gap:
to teach you what every equestrian should know about ​fitting a saddle to their human body​.

Whether you already own a saddle or plan to buy one soon, this course will teach you how to pick up any jump saddle, dressage saddle, or all-purpose saddle from a rack and describe EXACTLY what you've got in your hot hands--and whether it's likely to ​work for your body.​ ​

Course access starts rolling out on Friday, May ​17, with new ​course units published once a week for 5 weeks after that. It'll be the summer of saddles!

​​I'll show you tips, tricks, and techniques that tack-store owners, saddle fitters, and other industry pros use when they're looking at a new saddle. I'll break it into simple, easy-to-follow chunks, using online videos and support materials that you can "take to the barn" with you.

​You'll even get a Saddle Conformation Toolkit of PDFs and instructions, to help you measure an important saddle in your life!

Here's what we'll cover in this course:

​1 - Saddles 101

​Intro to the Saddle ​​Conformation Toolkit + a walk-through of saddle trees and saddle parts, and​ the need-to-know info on​ how​ ​to balance a saddle correctly on a horse or a hobby-horse rack at the tack store.

2 - The Seat and Twist

​What IS a twist, anyway!? Find out in this section, where we'll cover everything from ​seat length to balance points to working centers​, plus stirrup bar placement, pelvic tilt, pommel rises, cantle shapes--and what all this has to do with the TWIST.

3 - Flaps and Blocks

​This section's about everything under your leg: flap​ length, flap angle, flap cut, knee and thigh blocks, monoflaps--and a special video just for the dressage riders about ​special considerations for blocks!

4 - Under the Hood: Panels, Girth Billets, and More

​Just like with cars, sometimes what's under the hood of a saddle can affect your "drive experience." In this section, we'll cover the horse-oriented features of a saddle that affect your ride too: panel design and panel filling, girth billet placement, corrective padding, and more.

​5 - Saddle pads, leathers, and other fittings

​We'll talk about common saddle accessories like stirrup leathers, stirrup irons, saddle pads, even a bit about girths.

​That's a total of 30+ videos plus worksheets and support materials--for less than you'd pay for most riding lessons or shows! And that's before we talk about BONUS MATERIALS...


​And because ​The Saddle Savvy Rider is BRAND NEW, ​we're ​celebrating our debut with awesome first-course-run BONUS​ ​materials​for our first enrollees!


2 ​Bonus Videos​​ by Fan Request

As a thank-you to first-run participants in The Saddle Savvy Rider, I'll be taking ​nominations for topics you want covered in 2 bonus videosWant a case study of how this stuff applies to a specific rider? Want deeper info about something we discussed? Got another zany idea that's relevant to evaluating saddles? Dream big, get the votes, and I'll make it!


​​A live, online Office Hours Session​ ​for course participants

with Jen the Saddle Geek

​Wanna talk directly to Jen the Geek about what you're learning about the saddles in your life? ​​Bring your questions and ​any photos you'd like evaluated to our online, streaming office hours. If you can't attend live, you can send questions ahead of time and we'll ​upload the r​ecording to ​our course page.


​Meet Jen the Saddle Geek,

your host for the Saddle Savvy Rider

My name is Jen the Saddle Geek, and​ ​I've spent over a decade studying saddle ​design and the saddle market: talking to saddle fitters, talking to saddle makers and craftsmen, working with saddle customers who feel left behind or underserved by traditional models for buying a saddle, studying the 170+ English saddle brands on the market, analyzing market trends, going to trade fairs to put my hands on saddles that most shoppers only see in mail-order catalogs--and basically, just ​doing the work​ to understand the English saddle industry as well as I can.​​

​I created The Saddle Savvy Rider because I saw a gap in the market: even customers who have awesome saddle fitters ​for their horses​ often have little to no knowledge of how a saddle should fit their own body. Even worse, some of them own saddles that fit their horses very nicely but don't fit the rider at all, ​​​​​​​which leaves the rider unbalanced and ends up hurting the horse anyway.

​Our horses are best served by empowered equestrians who have the information they need to make smart decisions about saddles. That's why I built The Saddle Geek, where I can create 100% brand independent​ saddle advice products. I don't sell saddles, and I don't take kicbacks or sponsorships from saddle brands.

​As a professional learning strategist by day, I spend all day, every day thinking about how people learn online and offline. In this project, I bring those two things together: helping equestrians make good decisions about how their saddle fits them, using the training I have as a teacher and instructional designer. Cool, huh?

​Jen the Saddle Geek

Is This Course Right For You?


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    Equestrians who want to be comfortable and happy in their tack
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    Saddle shoppers who want to pick up a saddle off the rack and know, at a glance, if it's got a fighting chance of working for them
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    ​Lifetime learners who want to know more about saddles and riders
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    Anyone who wants to learn more about how English saddles (jump, dressage, and all purpose) fit various types of riders


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    People who are happy with their current knowledge of ​saddle fit for riders
  • times-circle-o
    People who ​want to focus just on saddle fit for horses (​psst, we make cool stuff about that at The Saddle Geek too--it's just not this specific course​!). We'll cover some dimensions of horse fit because they matter for rider fit, but for the most part, this course is about your body + your saddle.
  • times-circle-o
    People ​who ​ride in something besides ​jump saddles, dressage saddles, or all-purpose saddles. Although some principles translate to other types of saddle, this course doesn't ​Western saddles, saddleseat, sidesaddles,​ endurance saddles, racing saddles, or polo saddles.​


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