Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You're overwhelmed by your saddle search.

You're worried about making an expensive mistake.

You're not sure which saddle brands or saddle features make sense for your situation.

And every time you ask a pro for saddle help, it seems like they've got a saddle that they want to sell to you.

Feel like I'm reading your mind? It's because you're not alone: I've heard this same tale from hundreds of my saddle-fitting clients and fans. In fact, emails just like that are how The Saddle Geek was born.

I'm Jen the Saddle Geek, and I've spent the past 10 years geeking out over 165+ brands of English saddles.  If you've ever had a friend who was a huge car buff--they knew every make and model of car, and all the fancy stats for that car--well, I'm a lot like that, except for dressage, jumping, and all-purpose saddles.

And I don't just love saddles: I love sharing what I know with fellow equestrians and the horses they love. And because I don't sell saddles myself, nor do I take kickbacks from saddle brands, I can afford to give honest and straightforward advice.

With my Online Saddle Fitting Advice service, you'll get truly brand-independent, custom saddle fitting advice delivered in online video form. In your online video, which is password protected for your privacy, I’ll walk you step by step through…

  • Your unique fitting challenges for horse and rider

    Every rider, horse, and situation is different. I'll use your submitted photos and questionnaire to tailor my advice to your needs, budget, and priorities.

  • How different fitters and brands might tackle your unique case

    Just like there are different riding disicplines like dressage and hunter/jumper, there are different schools of thought in the saddle-fitting world. So in your video consult, I'll help you understand how different types of saddle fitters, with different types of training, might address your unique fitting situation. You'll walk away feeling like you understand your options, not like they're flying over your head. You'll be in the driver's seat again, not holding onto the passenger seat for dear life!

  • Which saddles should be on your must-see list

    I'll give you a short list of saddle brands and models that are optimal for your situation. I'll explain why those saddles are stand-out choices for you. And because I don't sell saddles or take kickbacks from brands, you're getting my best and most honest advice--the same advice I'd give to a dear barnmate, trainer, or friend.

Here's why you will love this service:

  • It's fast

    It can take weeks to complete your own saddle research, schedule appointments with local saddle fitters who turn out to be a "bust" for your budget or needs, and buy and resell the wrong saddles. By contrast, I turn around consultations within 7 calendar days of receiving your photos of horse and rider + a written questionnaire about your needs.

  • It puts you in the driver's seat

    I want you to feel great about your final saddle choice, whether it's a saddle that I suggested or one you chose yourself. You'll feel more confident about writing that big check, having considered your options and taken the time to understand your fitting situation.

  • It's an incredible value

    Clients often say that I saved them time, money, emotional hassle--or all three of those things! Saddle shopping is expensive enough. I strive to help you come out ahead financially, not behind.

  • It comes with a 100% money back guarantee

    If you're not 100% thrilled with your video consultation, you'll get a prompt and cheerful refund within 30 days of receiving your video link. Yes, really!

This sounds amazing. So what's the catch?

The catch is that I take a limited number of clients, so that I can maintain a 7-day turnaround time. With a small handful of clients, I can delight my clients while still having time to work on other awesome stuff here at The Saddle Geek. That's the only catch--and you can get around it by reserving your consult now, so that you're not stuck on a waiting list!

To get your consultation, click the "Get My Saddle Advice Package" button below. You’ll be directed to The Saddle Geek's checkout page, where you can pay with PayPal or use any major credit card through Stripe.

After checkout, check your email for a receipt and instructions for submitting your horse + rider photos and your questionnaire.

Once I've got your photos and questionnaire, I'll turn around your consultation within 7 calendar days. It's that simple!

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Meet Jen the Saddle Geek and watch a real clip from a Digital Saddle Fitting Advice video:

So, does this really work? Ask my former clients:

  • Wow! I've learned so much, and I thank you. There isn't another person out there who can match your knowledge and service. Saddle shopping is not for the faint of heart, or the impatient! But it turned out ok! What a great service, and too bad I didn't find you about 3 months ago. Would have saved me buckets of time and money!
    Kristin from Oregon, bought a 17" Voltaire Palm Beach jump saddle
  • Thank you SO much for the awesome consultation! You are amazing! I think you provided a much better saddle fitting than many in-person fitters could provide! YOU ROCK!
    Patti from Florida, bought an 17" Black Country Quantum with a custom short flap
  • Jen helped me sort out the seemingly hundreds of possible saddles available. She knew which ones had a good chance of fitting me, which ones had a good chance of fitting my horse, and which ones could do both. I am truly impressed with the range of knowledge she has about manufacturers, materials, and biomechanics.
    Stacy from Kentucky, bought an 18” CWD SE09 Monoflap cross-country saddle
  • "I approached Jen when I got into eventing and needed a dressage saddle on a graduate student’s budget. Jen was able to give me several suggestions for saddles that would fit both me and my mare, all within my limited budget. I ended up buying a used saddle on Jen’s recommendation, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Two years later, she helped me with a jump saddle too--and I got an amazing deal on a much nicer saddle than I thought I could afford.”
    Alison from Ohio, bought a 17.5” Tekna S Line dressage saddle and 17.5" Frank Baines Enigma monoflap jump saddle
  • I was having trouble pinpointing why my project horse was getting more resistant with increased work. The saddle Jen recommended fit my budget, balances well for me, and made my boy MUCH happier. Even better, her long and patient explanations and training mean I'm a lot more knowledgeable about how a saddle ought to fit, so I'm doing a much better job of adjusting padding to keep my horses comfortable as their back shape changes throughout the competition season. Thank you--we all really appreciate the expertise!
    Danielle from Ohio, bought a 17.5" Smith Worthington Mystic
  • Jen, you are awesome. Your in-depth analysis of Scarlett, myself, and the potential saddles that you recommended, was incredibly valuable. I appreciate all of your efforts, and the amazing presentation that you provided that talked me through a number of amazing options to consider. I have no doubt that if I decide to go a different direction than Antares, I have a whole slough of different options that would suit my needs."
    Allie from Canada, bought a 17" Antares Connexion jump saddle
  • Oh my gosh - you really ARE the Saddle Geek! And I mean that in the most complimentary, awe-inspiring way ... You are awesome and a wealth of information. What would I do without you?!
    Lynn from North Carolina, bought an off-the-rack Adam Ellis Avanti dressage saddle + a custom Adam Ellis monoflap jump saddle
  • I have to say it again, you are amazing. What a fountain of (fascinating) information. I don't know when I've gotten more 'bang for my buck' with any service, ever, for anything! I'll be recommending you to everyone I know.
    Jane from Iowa, bought a 17" County Innovation jump saddle with Skid Row panels and the XTR bull leather upgrade

Still not sure, or have questions? Here's some FAQs that might help:

  • I'm a horseless rider, so I either don't own a horse or I ride a huge variety of horses. Can you still help me?

    Yes! I work with horseless riders all the time. If you're a lesson client, working student, trainer, or breeder, I can help you find a versatile saddle that suits your needs. I'll give it to you straight: despite what saddle brands want you to believe, there is no saddle that will fit every horse. (If it existed, everyone you know would already own it, right!?) But I can help you identify saddles that are "best bets" for the types of horses that you typically ride, your budget, your own body, etc. We can also talk about versatile padding solutions, adjustability features on saddles, and other things that can help you fit a wider range of horses.

  • Many saddle fitters seem loyal to wool-flocked saddles, or foam-panelled saddles, or whatever. Are you one of those types?

    In short, no, I'm not a loyalist. There are pros and cons to every type of panel material, and in my opinion, not all situations call for the same panel material. Some clients' situations are a good fit for wool-flocked saddles, while others are better suited to foam. Other clients would benefit from trying CAIR, FLAIR, latex, combo panels, panels with special shock-absorbing materials embedded in them like Thinline or Supracor, and other gee-whiz panels. Overall, I’d say about 45% of my clients end up buying a wool-flocked saddle, 45% buy a foam-panelled saddle, and 10% buy some other type of panel like CAIR, latex-wool combo, or whatever.

  • I have a small budget. Can you help me?

    Absolutely. I've had clients with budgets from $0 to $8000, and many clients appreciate my expertise across the whole market--including the the sub-$2000 market. Especially if you're shopping with less than $1000, it's critical that you choose well and don't make an expensive mistake. I can help you find the right balance of good fit, saddle quality, and gee-whiz features for your current budget. I can also help you think about resale value, which is a biggie when you're buying a cheaper saddle to "tide you over."

  • Can I still use a local saddle fitter or a brand-affiliated fitter?

    Yes, by all means! I'm here to be your brand-independent consultant, not to replace your eyes on the ground. If you're lucky enough to have great local saddle fitters, please use them in addition to using this service. I can also help you identify mail-order fitters, consignment vendors, and (in some cases) local fitters that you might want to check out.

  • I need help with Western saddles, endurance saddles, racing saddles, etc. Can you help?

    My areas of expertise include dressage, jumping, eventing, and all-purpose saddles. If your needs are outside those target areas, I would not recommend this service. For endurance riders, I can advise about dressage/jump/AP saddles that might suit for endurance, but I don't focus on specialty endurance saddles like the Black Country Equinox or Frank Baines Enduro (<--both great saddles, by the way).

  • I want to fit multiple horses or get multiple saddles. Can you help?

    Sure, but please contact me about a package rate. Email me at and we'll put something together for you.

  • My horse and I are a very difficult fit. Can you help?

    Try me! At this point, there's not much I haven't seen before, but I always like a challenge. In many cases, I can reassure clients that the fitting situation might be new to them, but the saddle-fitting world has seen it before and there are solutions available. But some of my favorite clients are very special flowers indeed. Ask me about the horse with the wicked swayback with a 10-inch drop, or the horse with withers that literally looked like a camel hump, or the rider who was 6'2" on a 14.3hh horse...the stories go on and on. Will you be my next one? If you're not sure, remember that there's a 100% money-back guarantee. I want you to be fully satisfied with the advice, no matter what.

Woohoo, you made it to the bottom of the page! Thanks for reading. Here's one last chance:

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